The design of the Guardiano Pier in Ravenna is based on the layout of a multi-purpose platform constituted of different materials suggesting different uses. The proposed platform, raised above the existing 500 mt. concrete slab, is laid out placing a steel grid lane, a wood deck, a series of steel plates above the existing electrical facilities, a concrete slab with mosaic flooring, homenage to the city's tradition, a rubber stripe and a corten steel one to define the edge of the pier.The pier becomes the ideal stage for the city activities, privileged meeting point, public space for ludic events, happenings and shows, through an expressive use of the materials and the furnishings at disposal, in a constant definition of a space designed by the free individual creativity of its users.

Guardiano pier

Marina di Ravenna, ITALY 2006

with Sofie De Meester

VIA PANDORA 7  90151 PALERMO ITALY | +39 347 1285360 |

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